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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in a Developing Community

Volume 6 - Issue 3

Wilson IBOnuigbo*

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    • Medical Foundation and Clinic, Nigeria

    *Corresponding author: Wilson IBOnuigbo, Medical Foundation and Clinic, 8 Nsukka Lane, Enugu 400001, Nigeria

Received: June 26, 2018;   Published: July 09, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.06.001364

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As a scholar, who published a biographical paper on Thomas Hodgkin, it seemed appropriate to undertake research on the disease that bears his name. In sum, following the known importance of the histopathology data pool in epidemiological analysis, this study is based on such a pool established among the Igbos, a major ethnic group in Nigeria.

Keywords: Thomas Hodgkin; History; Lymphoma; Histopathology; Igbos; Nigeria; Ethnic Group; Epidemiological; Hodgkin’s Disease; Mini-Library

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